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Our mission is to give people financial freedom by making their credit shine. People are often held back by their past financial mistakes or inaccuracies. The Credit Gem wants to help. We believe all people deserve to have options and a safety net for when life’s obstacles get in the way. Whether it’s repairing your credit or coaching you on how to maintain your good score and finances, we are here every step of the way.

  • An honest credit repair and consulting company
  • $79 per month $599 one time fee for extensive repair 90 day money-back guarantee if no deletions
  • Free consultations throughout the entire time you’re with us
  • Professional & friendly customer service
  • Offers budgeting and coaching services

Bad Credit SUCKS, and it can make your life miserable

If you’re looking to purchase a new home, good credit is the first thing you must present. The same goes for a new car, apartment, and many other things that we need in life. The Credit Gem will help you raise your credit score and finally have financial freedom.

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We will:

Locate and demolish mistakes against your credit

Contact credit bureaus for the cleanup process

Consult you on how to build credit with SECURED credit cards

Coach you with tips for increasing your credit score quality

 And so much more!

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